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How's your relationship with food? How's your choice of food?

Do you feel guilty after eating something and do you regret that you know it’s not the right food and yes!!!  

Still you eat it. It’s high time for you to break these barriers and take charge of your food patterns.
WildFit is designed  to build your relationship with food with a health and wellness coach

 How to stop food over powering you?

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About Me

Hi, I'm Rakhee Singhi, Certified Health Designer

Born in Sirohi, Rajasthan to the two most amazing people I know, Mangalchand Haran and Venu Haran, and blessed with 3 sisters. My mom played a very important role in my life and its because of her what I am today.

Raised among 3 sisters, we were taught to work hard and played the role of boys in our family. Discipline and Hard work were in our blood.These attributes helped me receive the best Guide Award award from the Honourable President R.Venkataraman.With this, I have also been given the best R.S.P Award for three consecutive years out of 72 schools and 12 colleges.Having 20 years of experience in Interior Designing helped me polish my creative mind, and find ways to problems in the most creative ways possible.

Two years of my journey in Cuemath from 2017 to 2019, tapped my potentials of coaching and I discovered this another talent in me. Parents often approached to me for counselling their kids.These kids made me realize how well I had captured their hearts.I was also honoured as best Cuemath teacher in Chennai city from 600 Cuemath teachers my name was among the top sixty. This laid the foundation of coaching and inspiring the youth.

I did my WildFit® 90 days challenge and was so fascinated with its methodology, teaching, and the results I achieved, that I decided to spread this knowledge to the people who need it the most. I realised that my mission is to help the people who are suffering from obesity, medical bills and pills, and help them live the life they deserve which is filled with love, happiness and health.

Thus the idea of Magically Fit was born.

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Rakhee Singhi